Our Commitment for the future

Our commitment for the future

We have always tried to be at the forefront of processes aimed at reducing the environmental impact.

Our goal is to reach the highest levels of sustainability by 2030; this is how every day we get closer and closer to this goal.


The tanneries with which we collaborate most are equipped with the most modern waste water treatment plants and almost all photovoltaic panels for the production of green energy.

An important part of our production is made without the use of chemical solvents, thanks to the Stitch & Turn and Strobel processing methods.

Our Headquarter in Tuscany is equipped with the latest generation of LED systems: from 2022 the energy supply will be 100% certified from renewable sources.

We don't waste anything

All surplus resources and raw materials are analyzed by a dedicated team and reinserted into our production process; this is only possible thanks to the total control of the supply chain.

By 2025, our single-brand stores will be equipped with Recycle Bin for the collection of used shoes, with benefits for customers who join the recovery campaign.

Social responsability

For many years we have been contributing, with shoe donations, to the support of charities active in Italy and with humanitarian missions also abroad.